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Well this blog is not really sponsored by Natural nor does it have my affiliation with it, its parent company or anything legal like that.  I thought it appropriate to  name this post that because it was brought today’s content.   Today was a successful today for the backyard.  3 things were accomplished today, 1) the chicken coop was moved!   2) The wood pile got split, 3) the yard looks like a yard! Why did natty light bring this, well yard work and beer drinking come hand in hand (in my world), but the hard part of that is if you start drinking at 11 or 12 and expect to be sober enough to run a wood splitter at 3 you can’t be drinking a Blue Mountain or Bell’s, so I stick to the Natty!  Light, Cold, and Refreshing!    


I have a note from today!   If you think you might now how to build or fix something, just start the project.   Either you figure out or you don’t and chances are you will figure it out!  Case and point, today I moved the Chicken coop with no idea how to repair it or build a run, guess what I fixed the broken coop and built a run  and we have happy chickens again:) Scout liked it too but I missed great photo op of here in the coop.

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And here are some picture from splitting the wood pile and of my lunch break I was feeling especially patriotic for some reason!



 And here is a picture of the Improved backyard! 





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Thanks to the Boston Brewing Company Craft Brewers will be able to expand and not lose their “Craft Beer” name!

Read the story from BA Here!


Magic Hat Plans to Can #9

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Looking forward to this summer treat!! And  bet the cans look super cool!



New Years Eve day Jess and I went out to Blue Mountian Brewery after seeing on Facebook that they were releasing two new brews,  Evan Altmighty and Long Winters Nap.  Evan Altmighty  is a beer named not only after the movie that was filmed in Crozet but after owners, Taylor and Mandi’s new son.  Long Winters Nap, well I am not really sure what the motivation was but whatever it was they should keep it up.  We enjoyed our fine brews with a delicious red pepper hummus plate and Veggie Nachos, while overlooking the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains.  Ok now onto the BEER!

Evan Altmighty – The style of this beer a dusseldorf sticke altbier, or Alt’s as most Americans might know them.  An Alt is a top fermented brew and means old or pre-lager style.  So straight from the tap it poured a clear amber color with a nice creamy white head on it.  Great lacing throughout the entire drink defiant skinny little fingers visible when the glass was empty.  Aromas of lightly baked malts, and hints of nuts, and a little fruit at the end, I smell apple, but everyone’s palate is different, in taste as well as smell.  This beer is really delicious and doesn’t disappoint (as usual from Blue Mountain).  It starts off lightly malted up front, great roasty toasty taste, with hints of possibly plums or dates, and a nice clean strong hoppy finish.  It paired perfectly with the spicy nachos.  Definitely another great Nelson County Beer.  Can’t Remember the ABV but it wasn’t super high, probably between 20 and 30 IBU’s but I forgot to write it all down.



Long Winters Nap- In early December my dad was in town for an early Christmas, and we took him out there for their open house.  Well Taylor was giving brewers samples of this beer, and I loved it instantly.  So needless to say I was pretty psyched when I saw they had tapped it.  This beer (as Blue Mountain puts it) is a traditional Dobblebock, but they call it a Blonde Triplebock which I think is very fair.  A little History on this beer from the menu there “Brewed solely with Pilsner and Vienna malts, and we used the same amount of barley it would take to make 1000 gallons and packed into just 500 gallons worth of the smoothest, fullest-bodied, strongest winter brew you’ve ever had.”  I would have to completely agree with this, except its finish is a little boozy.  Smells lightly of bready malts, and has great hints of Figs, but definitely has some strong undertones of booze.  The first sip will tell all you really need to remember about this beer; it’s STRONG!  This brew starts of really malty and is very drinkable.  It has great full mouthfeel, and the malts, remind me really good bread.  Has great hints of caramel in the middle, and then there’s a hearty booze burn at the end, it’s not at all bad defiantly adds nicely to the beer.  Anyhow I could really go on all day about it, but my best suggestion is if you live locally go check it out, if not, it’s a great reason to visit!


Merry Christmas to me!

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This Christmas I got something I look forward to every year, a variety pack.   I was given this year a Magic Hat’s winter variety pack by my brother and Sister in law (thanks guys)!  This 12 Pack includes 4 very top notch beers.  They are; #9, the staple of Magi Hat; Encore, a winter IPA; Howl, their seasonal brew; and current Odd Notion, winter 10.  I am going to review each one in the following post.


#9  A crazy concoction, that is sweet, hoppy, malty and dry all at the same time.  This beer has become so popular because it’s so complex, and flavorful.  Magic Hat themselves are not quite sure how to classify it, so they call it not quite a Pale Ale, which I feel is rather accurate.  This beer has some serious fruity flavors, it used to be my favorite but I am quickly noticing that a few gives me a stomach ache, it’s a great beer to have one or two of but I can’t drink them all night on the town.  It has right around 20 IBU’s so it’s not bitter enough to be classified as a pale ale but you wil get a slight but distinct hop bite at the end.  At 5.1%ABV I wish it wasn’t so sweet as it would be a great all around beer to drink anytime.


Encore, This beer, brings Maltsters and Hop heads together for the holidays.   With aroma’s of Great fruits which remind me of Christmas (I don’t know why), and soft undertones of warm malts, I knew this would be a great beer.  After the first sip I was hooked.  Great malty flavors up front, sweet like honey at first blending in to an intricate dry hoppy finale that will leave you wanting more.  This beer only gets tastier the further down it you get.  Maybe it was the few beers before I had before, but I am not a big IPA fan, and this beer had me hooked, I wanted to keep drinking them but a get rowdy after a few IPA’


Howl, definitely a decent winter time beer, classified as a black lager, and that’s what it is, if they were trying to steer down the path of traditional black lagers they nailed it.  I only pose that somewhat negatively because I know that isn’t Magic Hat’s style and I know they could have done more with it.  Anyhow, this brew has some great malty, buttery biscuit flavor, sure to keep you warm on even the coldest winter nights.   It finishes almost exactly as it started, don’t get me wrong its got flavor its just not the complex beer I have come to know and love from Magic Hat.  If you have never had a Magic Hat before and you picked this one up you would call me a liar, but try some others as well and you will see where I am coming from.  This beer has 4.6% ABV and right around 20 IBUS.


Odd Notion, Winter ’10.  I feel these are the beers that really set Magic Hat apart from other Breweries.  Like Dog Fish Head the President, and the Brew Master do crazy flavors in beers, and release a new one each season.   This winter is Fantastic, classified as a Red Ale it has the flavor and the know how to be a red ale, but here is the twist.  They brewed it with Hibiscus Leaves.  Wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this one but it’s pretty damn good.  The Hibiscus adds such a different flavor to the beer especially to a Red Ale that is really not like anything I have ever tasted before, and I have tasted lots.  The earthy smell of this beer sacred me a little at first, but there was so little hoppy bitterness that I forgot all about the aroma after the first taste.  Needless to say this was my favorite beer in the variety pack and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more.  Maybe someone locally with get it on tap and really make my holiday season.