Lets Talk Beer

Posted: October 14, 2010 in About

Welcome Beer Lovers to a new page in history, whether this page will ever be printed or not I have no idea but at least it’s been written, while we probably will not ever become a household name like Miller, Coors, or Budweiser. I do hope to shed light on to a few things; first and foremost I hope to bring to you the joy and delight of various craft brews, and how to make them yourself. There is nothing as satisfying as the taste of a beer that you made yourself. Through this blog as well as some other tools which will be unveiled early in 2011, I hope to bring craft brewing to men everywhere. Second this blog will focus on Microbrews that I come across, and also ones that my readers come across. We all have our favorite types of beer, maybe even some have their favorite brands, my goal through this blog and through Hops at Home to educate myself and other readers, on all that beer has to offer. I have never considered myself a beer snob, but after reading some other books, and blogs I suppose, maybe I am a little bit of one. So I invite you to follow my Journey, comment on your own and hopefully we all can enjoy the joys of beer for decades to come.


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