Posted: October 17, 2010 in Flavor Series, Heffe's

Let me start of today by saying that this blog is torturous right now, talking about all this beer, and doing research and stuff, and not being able to drink at all, well its hard. But it gives me something to look forward to and with that said, the beer I am looking most forward to is a Heffeweizen. Heffeweizen’s are a top Fermented unfiltered wheat beer. They are of German descent and the literal translation is yeast (Hefe) and wheat (Weizen), so as you can imagine they are a smoother, lighter beer. Heffe’s come from a family of beers known as Weissbier, or White Beer. Heffe’s tend to contain only between 10-20 IBU’s and are usually more carbonated microbrews, not as carbonated as commercial light beers however. The carbonation helps off set the malty sweetness caused by top fermentation. I love Heffe’s in the spring and summer time, as it is light and crisp, and over all a refreshing beer. Most people would describe a Heffe with flavors of citrus, vanilla and occasionally even banana. I really haven’t ever had a bad Heffeizen, but my favorites include:The Love by Star Hill Brewery, Crozet VA, this beer is just an awesome all around beer and very often my first choice since it’s on tap a lot local restaurants. There are distinct hints of banana and clove in this brew, and it’s often garnished with a slice of orange to bring out its citrus flavor, but I enjoy it without. It weighs in with 9 IBU’s and 4.6%ABV so it’s a great social beer.

The Wintergreen Weiss from Devils Backbone Brewery in Nelson County VA is another summertime favorite. It took home a bronze at the 2010 Great American Beer festival. It’s very light and flavorful, with hints of orange and Vanilla.  Its a beer as relaxing as the brewerys setting.  It weighs in with 13 IBU’s, and 4.7%ABV.


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