Space Drunkies

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Beer in the News

When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, he didn’t celebrate with a beer did he? Of course he didn’t, there’s no beer in space, YET! 4 Pines Brewery out of Manly, Australia, is setting out to change all of that. 4 Pines along with Astronauts4Hire, a nonprofit space research company will begin testing a new beer brewed specifically for space early next month. The Beer has apparently been brewed for easy drinking both in micro gravity environments as well as here on earth. Next month they will load the beer onto a modified Boeing aircraft, flown by a company called Zero Gravity. The plane will do what it does to reach zero gravity and then the members of Astronauts4Hire will taste test the beer as well as keep track of vitals and Blood Alcohol levels to see if the beer causes different reactions in a zero gravity environment. I am sure it’s a really rough job!

So why brew a beer for space? Well I am sure by now yo have heard of the growing want for a space tourism industry, so the good people at 4 Pines, thought, “it’s not a vacation without beer, even if it is in space”. Thank you 4 pines for having some foresight and not waiting until we could actually travel to space on vacation before thinking of this. Some major issues they face, however, is how to bottle the beer so it won’t explode under the extreme pressures, endured while on space travel, as well as how to keep the beer carbonated as gravity is what causes carbonation. As for me, I think I will just continue to enjoy all the goodness beer has to offer right here on earth, and let the experts work on the Space Stuff. To read the full article on this visit the Mother Nature Network.



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