Happy 3rd Birthday Blue Mountain Brewery

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Breweries

! Today is the birthday of a great (one of my favorite) breweries; Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, VA. If you have never been, you need to get out there; it’s a short scenic 20 minute drive from Charlottesville. They have some awesome beer and their food is excellent as well, I would suggest the brick oven Pizza. If it’s not too cold get a seat out the deck where you can enjoy your delicious beer with spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The neat thing about BMB is that they grow their own hops, you can see their hop garden from the deck or if your inside just look out over the deck and the garden is right there, I don’t know of a lot of breweries who do that. Jess and I have been out there many times, as it is on the way to her parents so convincing her to stop is not difficult. I have sampled all of their beers as you will see from the pictures in this post, my favorites include, the Rockfish wheat, which a great filtered Kristall Weizen, very wheaty and delicious. Another favorite I have is the Blue Mountain Classic Lager, pretty simple lager, they did it right kept it simple and kept it delicious. A family favorite is the Full Nelson IPA, stuffed with home grown hop flavors; a strong malty background makes this a good strong ale, that’s very bitter. Jess and my Dad love it, I am not big on IPA’s but this one is pretty good. Anyhow I hope you can make it out there and help them celebrate this great day, I read that tee’s and hoodies are also $5 off today.

Happy Birthday Blue Mountain Brewery


These Pictures, were taken in Summer of 2009 cant wait to get back out there 

  1. Their Mandolin is my favorite. Love your blog!

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