Home Brew, Why Not?

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Breweries

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I have been doing lots of reading on Home brewing and studying of what works from local breweries and home brewers and what doesn’t. Also been trying to make some contacts and working on some other projects, and getting really excited about going home. Anyhow that’s enough excuses for one post. I really want today’s post to be a discussion among myself and you the readers. I want to talk about home brewing. Who does it? And those of you that do, what do you love about it or hate about it. I know most and maybe all of you don’t brew at home, I would like to know why? Most of you I am guessing read this blog because you share the same love of beer that I have and you love the different flavors, styles and experiences beer has to offer. So why not try your own creative hand and brew your own? There is nothing quite like the taste of your own brew, the anticipation of getting to taste something you put your own heart into weeks beforehand is an experience I think everyone should have. Plus it’s amazing how truly simple the brewing process can be, or how complicated it can get if you want to get into technical brews, either way they taste awesome. So please talk with me, or talk amongst yourselves, but I want to know, Why not home brew?


  1. I have brewed a few different beer batches. My first, and most successful, was an Amber. I loved the process of making the beer, the only part I did not really enjoy was trying to keep everything as clean and sterile as “they” recommend – turns out, that might not be as important as I had originally thought! Definitely a very fun experience and one every beer lover should try!
    Can’t wait to get back on the horse and brew again!

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