We wish you a Mocha Porter!

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Flavor Series, Porters

Well the title really says it all, and on this rainy and nasty Sunday morning, I wish I wouldn’t feel like an alcoholic for drinking before noon, because I would totally drink a Rogue Mocha Porter for breakfast, its filling enough that’s for sure. Not just Rouge Mocha Porter, but any type of porter, i really do love them this time of year. Today I would like to discuss two. The Rouge clearly, as well as Foothills Brewery’s Peoples Porter.

Rouge Mocha Porter. So already in this blog post I have tried to write Chocolate in some way 3 or 4 times into the title of this. The aroma and flavor of milk chocolate in this beer is what I feel makes it so fantastic. It’s nice and malty which of course you know I love. I had this beer out of the bottle, mainly because i couldn’t find it on tap. But with a straight pour it takes two pours to get the whole bottle, but on both the head looks from the side super thick, however when you see it from the top or as you drink it you will notice its head is very light, one of lightest I have ever seen. This beer is dark but I wouldn’t classify it as black. Now I already said the aromas were heavy of chocolate, and wonderful roasted malts. Slight hops noticed towards the end. Mouthfeel for this beer is not as thick or full as you might think it has a nice medium body that finishes dry and leaves you wanting more! In terms of flavor this beer is rather complex, it delivers nice chocolates and hints of coffee along with toasted malts up front, but finishes with a little notes of caramel and just the tiniest hop bite, which rounds this fine beverage out nicely. I like this beer a lot as its only 5.3% ABV, so I can enjoy a few to keep warm, and not be sloshed!

People’s Porter, Foothills Brewery. Remember a few weeks ago when I said I would be talking about Brixx, well this is why! The People’s porter is on tap there and it is awesome. By far my favorite draft beer there and my favorite porter right now. It has a great dark brown color, and when held to light it has a deep ruby color that just looks cool. When poured it has 2 fingers plus of a nice thick head that doesn’t go anywhere quickly, which of course make for great lacing! The Flavor of this beer is incredibly simple in that it all fits together smooth but to a beer snob you would notice, great warm roasty malts, and distinct hints of coffee and chocolate, followed closely by very light hoppy grassiness, that gives it a great dry finish, leaving your palette clean and ready for whatever comes next which your brain is hoping is another sip, and at only 5.7%ABV you can probably have another.



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