Allagash White

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Just a Quick Post about a great beer I just picked up at beer Run.  It’s the Allagash White beer, a traditional Belgium Whit Beer.  this beer pours a light orange color and is pretty cloudy, definitely looks to be unfiltered.  The aromas of this beer, include citrus, and and earthy almost grassy tones.  Now this beer was poured from a Growler and I got no head, not sure if that usual or just because it wasn’t freshly poured.   Either way it didn’t change the flavor the beer at all.  This beer was good, it had great zest and spice up front, that blended nicely with the citrus in the middle and finished off with a very very clean dry hop flavor.  This beer is super complex and goes great with the spicy pasta dish we enjoyed.  Anyhow stop by beer run grab a six pack a pint or a growler, you wont be disappointed.




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