Brought to you by Natty Light

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well this blog is not really sponsored by Natural nor does it have my affiliation with it, its parent company or anything legal like that.  I thought it appropriate to  name this post that because it was brought today’s content.   Today was a successful today for the backyard.  3 things were accomplished today, 1) the chicken coop was moved!   2) The wood pile got split, 3) the yard looks like a yard! Why did natty light bring this, well yard work and beer drinking come hand in hand (in my world), but the hard part of that is if you start drinking at 11 or 12 and expect to be sober enough to run a wood splitter at 3 you can’t be drinking a Blue Mountain or Bell’s, so I stick to the Natty!  Light, Cold, and Refreshing!    


I have a note from today!   If you think you might now how to build or fix something, just start the project.   Either you figure out or you don’t and chances are you will figure it out!  Case and point, today I moved the Chicken coop with no idea how to repair it or build a run, guess what I fixed the broken coop and built a run  and we have happy chickens again:) Scout liked it too but I missed great photo op of here in the coop.

Oterer thaImage

And here are some picture from splitting the wood pile and of my lunch break I was feeling especially patriotic for some reason!



 And here is a picture of the Improved backyard! 




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