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Pricey Beer

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Beer in the News, History

Did you know?


$16,000 is The approximate value of a can of Krueger’s Finest Beer or Krueger’s cream Ale– the first mass produced beers sold in the US.  Manufactured by NJ based Krueger Brewing Company.  The Flat-top cans (AKA Beercantiques) debuted January 24, 1935, a church key opener (a opener with a triangle shaped head) was required to open them.  Stay on Tab’s were introduced in 1975 .






From Real Simple Magazine (its important to stay diversified in beer information)


History of Beer 101

Posted: October 15, 2010 in History

I am not a beer expert nor would I never claim to be one, I am a beer lover I know what I like, I don’t always know why I like it (what’s in it) but I know a good beer when I taste one. So today I set out on a venture to learn more about the history of beer and what I found surprised and amazed me. Beer itself is a simple enough concept, a carbohydrate, usually a sugar or starch allowed to ferment (or mold). It’s unclear as to whether beer or bread was made first but they are both prepared virtually the same way. Funny thing is I am writing this blog post from almost the same exact spot in the world where beer is believed to be invented. I am in Afghanistan, a land with no beer, and beer was believed to be invented in ancient Iraq just a few hours flight from here. Beer was believed to be developed circa 3500 BC in the Zagro’s mountains now part of Western Iran.

Beer was not brewed much for sale prior to the Industrial Revolution most people brewed beer themselves, or ale as it was then known , however there is some evidence of beer sales sold by European Monasteries in about the 7th Century AD. The Industrial revolution changed all of that and today alcohol sales in general are climbing yearly and beer is one of the top sellers! Today the Beer world has your main brands from each major beer producing country and hundreds of thousands of micro-breweries worldwide. With that being said I invite you to put down that same old beer you always drink, get out there and try something new! Post your comments of what you tried, and not only how it tasted but more importantly WHAT you tasted, so others can look out for something they like as well, after all ever Beer Palette is different.