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The start of a lovely friendship!

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Home Brewing

Hops@Home would like to announce a new friendship with The Fermentation Trap. Please Check them out, they are a great place for home brewing supplies.



The Gift that keeps on Giving

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Home Brewing

Today I had a someone E-mail me to ask me about a homebrew kit to give to their husband for Christmas. I realized this may be some information iseful to others so i desided to repost my reply here, sorry if your not from the charlottesville area, however you can order from the same retailer at Anyhow here it is.
Thank you so much for asking my advice on this but as I am sure you know or have heard beer is one of my passions. Not sure what you are looking for in terms of pricing or how much home brewing he has done in the past but I will suggest a few things to you. If he is new to home brewing and your not sure if he will even enjoy it get a Mr. Beer kit from Bed Bath and beyond for around 30 bucks. I dont suggest this often because the beer it makes is not so good, and often tastes very plasticy. If you want him to have something lasting, but he is going to start pretty basic go with the TB Mastreo Beer Kit availble at the Fermentaion Trap on 29N in Ruckersville right near the water tower. That kit is just under $75. If home brewing is something he has done before and he enjoys it I suggest the kit I own which is the TB gold kit also availble at the Fermentaion trap for $110. I hope this is helpful. Also if you plan to get him beer to make as well, start with their Amber kit it includes everything you need to make the beer and its by far the easiest beer to make. I hope this has been helpful. Have a great holiday and I as well hope to meet you guys soon.