Allagash White

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Just a Quick Post about a great beer I just picked up at beer Run.  It’s the Allagash White beer, a traditional Belgium Whit Beer.  this beer pours a light orange color and is pretty cloudy, definitely looks to be unfiltered.  The aromas of this beer, include citrus, and and earthy almost grassy tones.  Now this beer was poured from a Growler and I got no head, not sure if that usual or just because it wasn’t freshly poured.   Either way it didn’t change the flavor the beer at all.  This beer was good, it had great zest and spice up front, that blended nicely with the citrus in the middle and finished off with a very very clean dry hop flavor.  This beer is super complex and goes great with the spicy pasta dish we enjoyed.  Anyhow stop by beer run grab a six pack a pint or a growler, you wont be disappointed.




Busy Holidays for Hops@Home!

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Well the holidays were very busy for us here at Hops@Home and I do apologize for the lack of blogging.   But I have some great writing material now which I will share over the next few post of the delicious beers I got to enjoy, over the past few weeks.  Lest start with a great event I went to last week.  Me and a buddy hit up Blue Mountain Brewery for their Holiday Tuesday tasting.  While at work that day their Facebook page told me they were out of a few beers so I stopped in at at Beer Run before I headed out to pick them up, I am sure glad I did, they were awesome.  Anyhow as a result of them being out of a few crafts that they didn’t make they advertised it as a beer potluck (bring your own favorite holiday beer to share).  This made for a very interesting tasting evening.   Anyhow the event was packed probably 50 or so people and we had a blast, I highly suggest getting out there any Tuesday for a tasting event.  Anyhow here a few highlights from the night. These are in no particular order, and I apologize for the bad pictures IPhone in bad light.

Wassail, Full Sail Brewing Company, Oregon.  This beer is the beer that brings beer lovers together for the holidays! Brewed with four types of malt, and fresh West Coast hops, it has  great roasty malt Aroma’s, as well as as warm and toasty malt flavor up front, that blends nicely to a dry hoppy finish.  This is a beer I enjoyed not being much of a hop head, and the hop heads in the room also enjoyed not being much of Maltsters.    At 56 IBU’s I am really surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did.   ABV 7%




Scal Dis Noel, Brasserie Dubuisson Freres Sprl.  Be Careful with this little firecracker.  This Belgium Strong Dark Ale, pours from the bottle a dark red wine color, with a thick foamy Brown Head on it.  The Smell of Brown sugar and Carmel, makes you think this is going me to a sweet and malty brew.  I could smell some hints of alcohol in this one but not overpowering in the least.   The flavor of this beer is what threw me, very fruity up front, almost apricot, or dates.  with strong hints of Liquor in the middle, followed by an even fruitier finish, of melons, or berries perhaps.  As my palate grows i am finding less and less of an interest in fruity beers.   But if you enjoy a sweeter beer, this ones for you,  Just watch out, its a 12% ABV, so it will make you as merry (and rosy cheeked) as the Big guy up north.

Moving on,

Winter Welcome Ale, Samuel Smith Brewing UK.  This Beer pours a great copper color that shows that its going to be a nice winter warmer,  Even the tasting glass we got a nice thick head that lasted throughout the 2 oz taste , and left nice finger lacings on the glass when it was all over.  Great aromas of Mama’s home cooked biscuits on the initial pour with a very light hint of dry hoppiness  at the end.  The flavor doesn’t differ much other than with the biscuits up front you get a nice Carmel or honey flavor that adds perfectly.  The finish is a nice light spicy hop finish that leaves you mouth dry and your palate clean ready for whatever is next.  This is an outstanding beer.   And at only 6% ABV you can enjoy more than just one.

I  would like to thank Blue Mountain Brewery for these great tastings they put on every week, and would encourage all of our readers to get out there for one.  If you can’t make a Tuesday at least get out and try some of their fantastic beers, they are great people making great beer.


Pricey Beer

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Did you know?


$16,000 is The approximate value of a can of Krueger’s Finest Beer or Krueger’s cream Ale– the first mass produced beers sold in the US.  Manufactured by NJ based Krueger Brewing Company.  The Flat-top cans (AKA Beercantiques) debuted January 24, 1935, a church key opener (a opener with a triangle shaped head) was required to open them.  Stay on Tab’s were introduced in 1975 .






From Real Simple Magazine (its important to stay diversified in beer information)

The start of a lovely friendship!

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Hops@Home would like to announce a new friendship with The Fermentation Trap. Please Check them out, they are a great place for home brewing supplies.


The Gift that keeps on Giving

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Today I had a someone E-mail me to ask me about a homebrew kit to give to their husband for Christmas. I realized this may be some information iseful to others so i desided to repost my reply here, sorry if your not from the charlottesville area, however you can order from the same retailer at Anyhow here it is.
Thank you so much for asking my advice on this but as I am sure you know or have heard beer is one of my passions. Not sure what you are looking for in terms of pricing or how much home brewing he has done in the past but I will suggest a few things to you. If he is new to home brewing and your not sure if he will even enjoy it get a Mr. Beer kit from Bed Bath and beyond for around 30 bucks. I dont suggest this often because the beer it makes is not so good, and often tastes very plasticy. If you want him to have something lasting, but he is going to start pretty basic go with the TB Mastreo Beer Kit availble at the Fermentaion Trap on 29N in Ruckersville right near the water tower. That kit is just under $75. If home brewing is something he has done before and he enjoys it I suggest the kit I own which is the TB gold kit also availble at the Fermentaion trap for $110. I hope this is helpful. Also if you plan to get him beer to make as well, start with their Amber kit it includes everything you need to make the beer and its by far the easiest beer to make. I hope this has been helpful. Have a great holiday and I as well hope to meet you guys soon.


We wish you a Mocha Porter!

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Well the title really says it all, and on this rainy and nasty Sunday morning, I wish I wouldn’t feel like an alcoholic for drinking before noon, because I would totally drink a Rogue Mocha Porter for breakfast, its filling enough that’s for sure. Not just Rouge Mocha Porter, but any type of porter, i really do love them this time of year. Today I would like to discuss two. The Rouge clearly, as well as Foothills Brewery’s Peoples Porter.

Rouge Mocha Porter. So already in this blog post I have tried to write Chocolate in some way 3 or 4 times into the title of this. The aroma and flavor of milk chocolate in this beer is what I feel makes it so fantastic. It’s nice and malty which of course you know I love. I had this beer out of the bottle, mainly because i couldn’t find it on tap. But with a straight pour it takes two pours to get the whole bottle, but on both the head looks from the side super thick, however when you see it from the top or as you drink it you will notice its head is very light, one of lightest I have ever seen. This beer is dark but I wouldn’t classify it as black. Now I already said the aromas were heavy of chocolate, and wonderful roasted malts. Slight hops noticed towards the end. Mouthfeel for this beer is not as thick or full as you might think it has a nice medium body that finishes dry and leaves you wanting more! In terms of flavor this beer is rather complex, it delivers nice chocolates and hints of coffee along with toasted malts up front, but finishes with a little notes of caramel and just the tiniest hop bite, which rounds this fine beverage out nicely. I like this beer a lot as its only 5.3% ABV, so I can enjoy a few to keep warm, and not be sloshed!

People’s Porter, Foothills Brewery. Remember a few weeks ago when I said I would be talking about Brixx, well this is why! The People’s porter is on tap there and it is awesome. By far my favorite draft beer there and my favorite porter right now. It has a great dark brown color, and when held to light it has a deep ruby color that just looks cool. When poured it has 2 fingers plus of a nice thick head that doesn’t go anywhere quickly, which of course make for great lacing! The Flavor of this beer is incredibly simple in that it all fits together smooth but to a beer snob you would notice, great warm roasty malts, and distinct hints of coffee and chocolate, followed closely by very light hoppy grassiness, that gives it a great dry finish, leaving your palette clean and ready for whatever comes next which your brain is hoping is another sip, and at only 5.7%ABV you can probably have another.


Back in Business Again!!

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Hello Fellow readers, and welcome back to Hops At Home. Well maybe its a welcome back to me since its been so long since I have written. But the good news is I have returned from Afghanistan and that Thanksgiving is over so now I can get down to business. Today’s post will cover a wide range of things since I have had lots of new beers, been to new places, and even bought some new toys since i Have been home! So grab a beer and lets get into it.

First off I want to talk quickly about a Russian beer I got the chance to try on way back to the states. The beer was more than a little difficult to get the name considering the entire label was in Russian and I was in a slavic speaking country. So after a little googling I did finally find it. It was called 9 and sold by a company called Baltika. Baltika is a russian brewery that is responsible for over 60% of the beer sales in the former Soviet Union. Baltika sells at least 15 beers, they may have more though. 11 of these beers are numbered 0-11 and pretty well cover the gamut of most beers sold here in the US. It would also appear that the beers number directly corresponds with its ABV, with 0 being their non-alcoholic version and 9 being their strong ale. (Maybe thats why i thought it was so good)! So lets talk about the 9, it had great flavor, a bit hoppy for me, but it was beer and I hadn’t any in a very long time. The color was very shiny gold, not super light however, and unfortunately there were no glasses to be had so I cannot discuss Head or Lacings, although judging from the full body of the mouth feel I am guessing the lacing would have held the entire way through. This beer smelled very strong of Citrus and and had a light Malty scent to accompany it.
The interesting thing was I didn’t smell any hops upfront especially for the strong taste they left in my mouth. This beer did do a very good job of concealing its alcohol taste I never would have guessed it was at 8% ABV until i found it the site, i thought i felt all woozy from just not drinking in so long.

Next I want to talk about a new restaurant here in Charlottesville, that I am sure I will be blogging about lots. Its Called Brixx and is located in Barracks Road. Brixx is great it combines 2 of my favorite things under one roof. They have really good wood fired pizza and they have at least 20 craft Brews on tap which is really the best part. Jess and I meet some family and friends there for dinner the first night I was back in town and I fell in love. We went back in last night, and I learned of a program thats is totally for me. They call it an MBA, Masters in Beer Appreciation, and its essentially just a great way to get people to taste great craft brews. The bartender we had last night, her name is April, is a great wealth of knowledge about beer styles and flavors and is a great asset to the place. Jess and I each tasted 4 separate beers which I will cover in later posts, but I felt it was really worth a mention, since I am sure I will be mentioning it much more often.

Lastly today I want to talk about my new toy! Yesterday I took a drive down 29 to Ruckersville and stopped in at the Fermentation Trap. The Fermentation Trap is a locally owned and operated home brew supply shop for both beer and wine. While in there I had a look around picked up a new basic home brew kit, I will add to as I go, but I always feel its a little easier to start with a basic kit. So hopefully we will get a batch started here in the next couple of weeks once things settle down a little bit. I would encourage anyone who home-brews right now to stop in and have a chat with them, they are incredibly knowledgeable about everything home brew related and will give you some recipes to get started. The other nice thing about them is they have everything packaged there for ingredients, if your experimenting for the first few times but they also sell everything fresh, and mill their own grains, so once you know what you are doing, its well worth it to spend a little extra, and get great tastes and results. I am sure you will be hearing more about this place in the near future as well. Thats all for now, although I could go on for hours.

Enjoy the Weekend